Leonard & Hazel

Our Story...

Leonard and Hazel™ is an upscale Home Furnishings and Gifts Company dedicated to those who appreciate the finer things in life.  Many of the home furnishings and gifts we offer have been custom design inhouse.  We also feature handmade and or imported items from all around the world – providing a wide variety of unique goods, all specialized for those with a particular taste for quality home furnishings & gifts.

Founded in 2018, Owned, and Operated by C.E.O, Neil Sargisian, & President, Tina Tongen.  That's us, in the picture above.

Some might say we both came from broken homes and had to learn to raise ourselves for the most part at a very young age.

I (Neil) was only 2 when my father was killed – run over by his own car. Many believe he was actually murdered by a supposed friend who made it look like an accident but there wasn't enough evidence to convict his killer of what everyone suspected was true.  My grandma, Patsy, and grandfather, Harvey,  helped to raise me and I am so grateful for my grandfather in particular that I would have named the business after him, but grandpa Harvey didn't have a style for aesthetics as my father did. Somehow, I remember my father very well and have taken on his sense of style as my own.

Tina was raised in an abusive home and lived in constant fear.  She often found solitude in the company of her Grandpa Omar and, especially her Grandma, Hazel.  Hazel has long passed on from heart complications but Tina sill glows with joy whenever she thinks and or talks about her grandmother Hazel.  Tina says she feels most heavily influenced by her Grandmother's family values and home life which Tina describes as very warm and cozy.

So, why the name Leonard & Hazel™?

You might have guessed it by now, Leonard & Hazel™ is dedicated to our loved ones Leonard Sargisian (Neil's father who was a Las Vegas entertainer) & Hazel Tongen (Tina's grandmother who was a nurse and mother of 8 in the midwest).  We both share a love for a certain type of Home Furnishings and esthetics which we believe was most inspired by our loved ones, Leonard Sargisian & Hazel Tongen.  They have passed on, but we still feel their love and we aspire to make them proud now more than ever.

Why unique furniture and gifts?

Tina and I get great satisfaction out of touching the lives of others in a positive way... and home is where the heart is, right?  Well, if we can offer happiness in such a personal space with something such as a well-designed home furnishing or gift that you and your family can appreciate each and every day for years and even generations to come, for us, this is what it's all about.  That gives us a sense of purpose and meaning – filling us up with joy.

Both Leonard and Hazel have never actually met each other before.  Nor have they known of each other, at least that we know of,  but we're sure they would have both adored each other.  Both Leonard and Hazel have passed on, but they remain very close and dear to our hearts.  If only they could see us now.  Or can they?  We believe so and we aspire to make them proud!

At Leonard & Hazel™ Home Furnishings & Gifts, we're dedicated to providing our customers with some of the finest indoor and outdoor furniture and gifts available on the market.  Most of the items we sell can be purchased online and delivered in days directly from our Denver shop to your home, office, or to a loved one as a gift.  Everything in our shop comes with free shipping – sent directly from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado, USA!  We usually send USPS Express Mail (1-2 Day) but some of our other items are sent USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Day).